The Sunday Sermonette: LEGACY

 In the Book of Chronicles, there’s a man named Er. It states that he was wicked, which led to his death. Thousands of years later, that is all we know about poor old Er. That is his legacy. That is how he is remembered.
Each of us is creating a legacy, the imprint we leave on our family, friends, and all those with whom we’ve come in contact throughout our lives. However, a legacy is far more than what we pass on regarding money or possessions.
Er is remembered for being evil and nothing else. But people who accomplish things for the greater good of family, friends, society, and the world will always leave behind a great legacy. And that legacy will be remembered as long as that person’s memory survives in the hearts and minds of those he or she loved.
Ponder this and go forth. (Originally published February 26, 2023.)