The Sunday Sermonette April 23, 2023.

“Sorry, Mr. Kalberg. Once I got to digging, I had to cut much deeper than I thought I would.”
“Doc, this hole in my head! Will it heal properly? Will it leave a scar?”
“Yes, it will heal just fine.” Then with a wry smile, the doctor said, “Sorry about the scar.”
“Yikes! Why was I so stupid?” I thought as @David Delk drove me home. “No hat! No sunscreen! It’s my own fault. Scarred for life!

Doing stupid things has consequences. It did for King David in the Old Testament. He took a census, which was not bad, but God punished King David because of his reasons for taking the census. He took it to boast of his army’s strength so he could take credit for their military prowess. His lust for self-sufficiency pulled him away from God. David did ask for forgiveness, though, and God granted it. However, the scars of David’s disobedience remained forever.

Thinking about the possible consequences of our actions–before we execute them—can stop us from going forth, thus saving us much sorrow and suffering. I wished I had pondered the consequences of not wearing a hat or sunscreen. Thankfully the doctor removed all of the skin cancer before it had time to fester and thus caused me much “sorrow and suffering.” But now, each time I look in the mirror, the scar of my foolishness reminds me to think before jumping ahead. What “scars” do you have?

Ponder this and go forth.