THE SUNDAY SERMONETTE January 15 2023. Are there times in life when you want to give up due to the pressure to succeed or to make your life count? Are there times you want to run away, take a voyage to nowhere, and never come back? If so, please consider Francesco Queirolo’s masterpiece, “The Release from Deception.”

It reportedly took the artist seven years to create the netting surrounding the two figures. The netting is carved marble. While chipping away at the marble, how many times did the artist hit it with what he thought was the right amount of pressure, but fearing it might crumble in his hands?

Did he ever think of throwing down his carving tools, fearing he’d started something he could not finish? Had he done so, art lovers for the past 250 years would have been deprived of the joy that comes from studying his masterpiece, mesmerized by its marble netting.

Thinking of giving up? Caving into pressure? Please don’t! Stand your ground and prove to the world that you, too, can create a masterpiece. Let God guide you and help you to do so.

Ponder this and go forth.