Mother’s Day 2022

This picture is bittersweet. To you, the reader, it’s nothing more than a picture of my dear mother cuddling a Cabbage Patch doll. But to her, that doll was me. On days when Mama was extremely agitated due to her declining mental health, she didn’t sleep for hours on end. Twenty-four-hour days were not uncommon. She was always sweet; she just wouldn’t go to sleep. On those days, the doll had a calming effect on her mental anguish. She would caress it tenderly, sometimes holding it at arm’s length, talking baby talk to it. I asked her once what her doll’s name was. She said, “It’s my baby, Andy. Do you know him? I love him so much.” Beating back the tears, I mouthed the words, “Yes, I do. And I love you too.”

The Good Book tells us that God keeps track of all our sorrows. He collects our tears in a bottle, which will never be broken. For those of us whose mothers have been called Home, please remember that God has not forgotten our pain and grief. He has not forgotten our longing to feel the warmth of her loving hug, to touch her soft hands, or to hear her say, “I love you,” just one more time. Our loss is immeasurable. But never forget, so is the love she left behind. If your mother is living, hug her and tell her that you love her. If not, look toward Heaven and say the same.

Here’s wishing all my FB moms a Happy Mother’s Day! Big hug. ❤️