This and That – One and Twenty.

Good evening!

At night, for the past several weeks, I’ve been watching The Twilight Zone. Mercy me what memories it conures–Mom and Dad on the sofa and me on the floor in the living room watching the weekly installments.

Mr. Serling’s brilliant, evocative screenplays still warm or chill the heart, challenge the mind and are far above any of the shlock aired today. I’ve just finished watching “The Changing of the Guard.” It aired on June 1, 1962. The story: an elderly professor is forcefully retired and thinks he made little impact after 50 years of teaching. The ending brought tears to my eyes.

The professor also read one of my favorite poems, which I submit for your perusal on this warm May evening. Good night, my dears. Pleasant dreams. Big hug. 🥰 (Originally published May 18, 2023)