The Friday Funnies!

Bad Boy Louie and I went shopping for new sunglasses for an upcoming trip we’re taking…well…sorta. I, of course, chose a classic pair of Polo sunshades, always fashionable and in style. However, true to form, Louie, the fashionista, chose the most expensive, stylish pair of Louis Vuitton sunshades in the shop. Driving home, he was so excited, he bounced up and down in his seat with such vigor our Isotta Fraschini looked like a bouncy house at the county fair.

Then, when we got home, he rushed inside, tore to his armoire, and pulled out his vintage Andy Warhol Marilyn Monroe tie, thinking that would be the piece de resistance of his traveling ensemble. Poor baby! I don’t have the heart to tell him…we’re only going to visit the ruins of the pickle factory in Wiggins. For those of you with children of your own, suggestions on how to break the news to him?

(All this is silly I know, but I hope it makes you smile. There are too many frowns in this old world, so smile big and make yours count. Big hug. 🥰 ) Originally published May 26 2024)