This and That – Critical Race Theory

Pastor Dean Register is spot on!

“Listen carefully and do not drift blithely into an approaching darkness. The Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality (CRT/I) that is being readily embraced by secular progressives, widely broadcast by media outlets and pushed into school systems is actually a regressive wolf dressed in sheep’s skin. It does not enhance racial reconciliation. It polarizes and divides Americans into two groups based on skin color: (1) the oppressed and the (2) oppressors. All white people, including Asian Americans are oppressors while all black people are the oppressed.

Many godly African American leaders such as John Perkins, Shelby Steele, Voddie Baucham, Candice Owens and Tony Evans have denounced it as inherently racist and Marxist. I have carefully studied its substance and found it woefully lacking in verifiable evidence. Moreover it rests upon a faulty premise that skin color determines your worth. The Gospel does not and cannot support that fallacy. Regardless of our pigmentation we are all sinners in need of the Savior.

I’ll just conclude by leaving you with a comment from my friend E.V. Hill when I invited him to preach at a church I served years ago. Dr. Hill was a renowned black pastor. Here is his reply to critics who mocked him for preaching about a white Jesus: “I don’t know anything about a white Christ. I don’t know what color He is. I do know this: If you bow at the altar with color on your mind and get up with color on your mind, go back again — and keep going back — until you no longer look at His color, but at His greatness and His power — His power to love and to save anyone”. So avoid the spiritual darkness. After all, “If we walk in the light as He is in the light we have sweet fellowship with one another and He cleanses us from all our sin”(1Jn. 1:7).🙏