This and That – Laugh!

Gosh! When you read your local fish wrapper or watch the local and world news, what you read and see can be pretty frightening. In these days of chaos and uncertainly, it’s good to remember what the Good Book says: “A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones.”

With that in mind, when’s the last time you had a good belly-laugh? You know, something you saw or did? Let’s play “Make ’em Laugh.” With a sentence or two or three, please post something that’s made you laugh in the past few days or weeks.

Me, you ask? Not long ago, I rushed off to the gym. When I arrived, I opened my car door and jumped out, but felt an unfamiliar breeze. It was then I learned to my chagrin that I’d put on all my gym clothes except my gym shorts, which look and feel much like my BVDs. Needless to say, a quick, car re-entry transpired. I had to laugh at my silly self all the way home!! Now…it’s your turn. Later Laughing Gaters!