This and That – Amadeus!

Just returned from seeing Biloxi Little Theater’s production of Amadeus. It’s a great show with a great cast!

Ryan Reinike, as Salieri, is, in my humble opinion, amazingly brilliant! His “bloody” suicide scene caused me to gasp! So simple! So amazing!

And then there’s Boyce Deaton; he’s a delight as Mozart. This young man flips and flops all over the stage, giggling, womanizing, and just having a great time! He truly brings the character of Mozart to life!

The supporting cast–Harry Joachim, Aubry Benefield, Jeffery Black,Cliff Thompson, Nicholette Salinas, Brandon Warden, MeLisa Entrekin, and Lauren Simpson–do more than just support, they are an integral addition to the show.

My hat’s off to Chet Landry, the director, his cast, and his lighting, sound, and stage crews for helping make this a delightful evening of local theatrical entertainment!

Later Theatrical Gaters! (Originally published June 4, 2017)