This and That – The Titanic Cherub.

Good afternoon, Titanic fans! The latest issue of The Titanic Commutator—the official magazine of the Titanic Historical Society—contains a fascinating article about the statue that once graced the Titanic’s grand staircase. Alan St. George ( has recreated it in minute detail.

The article tells the history of the statue’s creation and its muse, so to speak, which was a statue in the Gardens of Versailles. ( I didn’t know this.) The sculptor of the Titanic’s statue has–alas–been lost to history.

According to the article, the only part of the statue discovered is the base, which is embellished with flowers and the soles of the statue’s feet. (I didn’t know this either.) After reading about the Titanic for fifty years, I’m always delighted to learn something new!

So…for all my rich, 1% friends who travel the world, please remember me the next time you walk the gardens of Versailles and take a snap or two of the statue that inspired one of the Titanic’s most iconic creations. ( Please see map.)  

Rose, Jack, and I will thank you! Later Titanic-Loving Gaters! (Originally published June 13, 2018)

Mr. St. George in the Gardens of Versailles.
Location of the original statue in the gardens.
Dear Rose and Jack on the Grand Staircase with the cherub looking on.