This and That – Theater Bio.

Greetings! I’ve been ask to write a theatrical bio for myself. I dislike bios…it always seems like a person is bragging. That’s not my intent. The little grey cells aren’t what they use to be. 🙃 Did I leave out something major? 🤓 Later Helpful Gaters!

By way of introduction, my name’s Anthony Wayne Kalberg, known among my friends as Andy. I was introduced to theater by my dear friend, Janie Still Walters, and was in my first Coastal production at Gulfport Little Theater in 1975.

Since then, I’ve been in a slew of plays and musicals, portraying characters such as Scrooge, Christopher Wren, Captain Andy, the Cabaret Emcee, Renfield, Mr. Witherspoon, Pappy Yokum, and Lycus. I’ve also portrayed Merlin, Toby, Nathan Detroit, Fagan, Clad Hand, Alfred P.Doolittle, the Artful Dodger, Ko-Ko, Gorgeous Alexander, Og, Petey Fisk, and the Mayor of Munchkinland, along with many others.

I was GLT’s Chairman in 1984, was the publicity manager for KNS Theatre for most of its lifespan, and I’m currently on the Board of the Walter Anderson Theater Project.

I’ve directed The Orphans, Tea and Sympathy (three times), and The Miracle Worker. I’ve designed and dressed the sets for all the shows I’ve directed, as well as other sets, too many to mention. Costumes are a sideline. I’ve also worked with Center Stage.

My next stage direction will be A Streetcar Named Desire for WAPT, performed at the Gulfport Little Theater in early March of 2022.

Kind regards, Anthony (Orginally published June 19, 2021)