This and That – Thank you!

Father God, thank you! Thank you for my quick reflexes. Thank you for my good eyesight. Thank you that no one was in the oncoming lane. Thank you that the ditch was not deep. Thank you that I did not slam into the idiot, clad in black wearing a black hoodie, who walked right out in front of me, for if I had, I would have killed him. Thank you that the other cars behind me, seeing what was happening, hit their breaks.

I am shaking. Tears in my eyes. I remember the night my dear mother hit someone who walked out in front of her. I remember the screeching breaks, her scream, and the tears she cried because of the man’s death—tears that she cried until the day you called her Home. Thank you, Father God, that you spared me those tears; had I hit that kid, I would have never forgiven myself. Father God! Thank you!

(Originally published July 1, 2023)