This and That – Single Women With Children.

In Tuesday’s local fish wrapper, there was an article about growing poverty across the country; “Mississippi sees surge in hardship.” The article mentioned a woman and her four children; a large snap of her and the children accompanied the article. The woman only earns $24,000 a year and can’t make ends meets. Apparently “ends” were met at least four times in times past. Whenever there’s a mention of poverty, there’s usually a story concerning a woman with a slew of children that she can’t feed. Where was the father–or fathers as the case might be–of these children in the snap?

After 33 years at the ol’ DHS office, I saw this over and over. Ladies, have as many children as you want. Nag the father/fathers until they pay child support. Don’t give them a moments peace. But please, don’t turn around and say your poor and can’t feed your children. If one child was hard enough to feed and clothe, why did you have three more? And before all my female friends start calling for my castration, let the record show that I’ve always said: Ladies, there’s a horn dog on every corner thinking about only one thing. Don’t fall for that old line–if you love me–because it’s a trap!

And now I will step off my soapbox and step behind the parapets. LOL.

Later ‘Gaters! (Originally published July 3, 2014)