The Friday Funnies! Men Beware.

The Friday Funnies! Meanwhile, in other Mississippi News, there’s this. This week, a new road was christened on the outskirts of D’Lo in honor of Lorena Bobbitt by her sixth cousin, Lorraina Lopitoff, twice removed.

Ms. Lopitoff was cheered by a retinue of ladies resplendent in haute couture fashions sporting handbags designed with special knife-carrying zipper pockets, should a need popup, so to speak, where a knife would be advantageous.

While traveling along this thoroughfare, though, all men are encouraged to do so at their own risk, keeping in mind that a protective covering over vital organs might negate losing them.

Don’t forget to have a good laugh today; it’s good for the soul. Big hug. 🥰 (Originally published July 7, 2023)