The Sunday Sermonette – Hope!

What are the hardships in your life? Work? Family? Friends? Relationships? Your health? Unfortunately, hardships are an inescapable part of the process we call living. How we endure them though, ah, therein lies the rub, as the Bard once wrote.

One way to endure them is to moan, to groan, and complain. Oftentimes that ends in defeat, and you may drag others down with you as you spiral out of control into your little world of self-pity and despair. There is another way, however. A better way. It’s called hope. Even when things become unbearable, never forget that God, in his love and mercy, has something good planned just for you.

Never give in to the hardships of life. Never give up on God and the hope he brings. This kind of mental endurance always has a better chance of helping you survive in a world gone mad. It can be a great inspiration to others as well. Remember, nothing is impossible once you open up a new door with the key of hope.

Ponder this and go forth. (Orginally published July 9, 2023)