This and That – Mr. Kalberg’s 1979 2nd Grade Class.

I wrote the following in response to a Facebook post that a former student, Scott Lionberger, posted, July 11, 2012:

Goodness grashus! Aviator glasses and polyester! The 70s were not a good time for fashion. 🙃 Poignant what I remember about some of the kids in this snap.

     Monica Seibold’s grandparents had peacocks on their land; she found out I liked peacock feathers and then showered me with them. I still have some in a vase in my living room. In Victorian times, peacock feathers were considered good luck.

      I remember Keith Taylor dashing out of the boy’s bathroom informing me that the 6th Grade boys were relieving themselves on the wall, seeing who could “pee” the highest. Consequently, they spent the rest of the day in the principal’s office.  😂

     Scott Lionberger, I remember you telling me that your mom forgot that it was picture day, and you was so excited to wear your Star Wars T shirt. You said she was ticked off when she found out. But you told me that it’s the only picture in elementary where you really smiled! It may have been one of the few snaps in which you smiled, but I remember a quiet little boy who smiled a lot and was kind and gentle. I hope the boy, now the man, has remained the same.

     And then there’s Bobby Jones. I was shocked to read his obituary in the local fish wrapper! 😢 And could not believe he had died and died so young from such a strange form of cancer. There was a great article about him in Coast Magazine. It spoke of his smile, and that’s what I remember about Bobby too. I’ve not seen Bobby since those days at Bayou View Elementary, and now he’s gone.  Teachers, like parents, are not supposed to outlive their pupils. May he rest in peace and is now in Heaven rejoicing with the Saints.

     One last thing, Scott, I still have the Titanic key ring that you gave me for Christmas all those years ago. It, like me, is a little worse for wear. 🙃 Take care, your old school teacher, Mr. K.