DISPATCHES FROM HOME: The Looking Glass and You! November 25 2020

With the onslaught of a caustic election, coupled with a toxic virus, I’ve heard people say, “I have nothing to be thankful for.” Really? Let me tell you what I’m thankful for.

After a good night’s sleep, I awoke this morning and planted my feet on the softness of a Persian rug. Thankfully, my feet, in unison, moved forward. Sauntering to the bathroom, I was thankful that a spider-infested outhouse was not what awaited me. (🙂) Taster’s Choice French coffee filled the air with its inviting aroma during breakfast; homemade cinnamon toast beckoned. For both, I was thankful.

As today dashes forward, I’ll be thankful that I can dash with it. When my brisk morning walk ends, I’ll be thankful that I can read the newspaper, call friends, write, ponder life and the pursuit of happiness. I am thankful for simple pleasures and simple things. I’m also thankful that I live in this country—the greatest country in the world, warts and all. But mostly, I’m thankful that God, in His infinite grace and mercy, chose me to be one of His children before I was born. Why He chose me—one so weak, so prone to failure, so lacking in all the gifts of the Spirit—is beyond me. But He did! And for that, along with a myriad of other reasons, I am thankful!

So for those who grumble, saying you have nothing to be thankful for, here’s a suggestion—peer into a looking glass. If you see your reflection be thankful! That reflection means that you have been awarded another day, another day to be thankful for the sheer joy of living. Here’s wishing my family and friends a Happy Thankful Thanksgiving. Big hug to you all!

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