Dispatches from Home: A Gracious Lady October 19 2023

Good morning! As a child back in the 50s, oftentimes after church, Mom, Dad, and I would eat lunch in the dining room of the Edgewater Gulf Hotel. After lunch, they would sit in comfy lawn chairs while I romped and played under the cathedral of oaks that graced the manicured lawn. In the fall, the grounds would be awash in acorns. I loved dashing about, the crunching sound of the cracking acorns beneath my feet making me smile. Sixty-six years later…they still do. The world’s a tough place in which to live these days. Look for the simple joys of life to add a bit of peace in a world gone mad. Big hug. 🥰

The Edgewater Hotel in all her 1920s glory.

A morning walk and crunchy acorns underneath my feet. Life is good.