The Sunday Sermonette – Watchmen.

In the Old Testament, watchmen stood on Jerusalem’s ancient walls, searching the horizon for those who might attack the city. Because of their crucial tasks, these men had to be reliable, honest, and trustworthy. Reliable and honest in what they saw and reported to their commanders. Trustworthy that what they did report was accurate, whether or not it was good news or bad.

Who are the “watchmen” in your life? The people who watch out for you? The people you rely on in good times and bad? The people who are honest and, in love, point out your flaws, as well as your good traits, too? Who are the people you trust because you know they love and care for you beyond measure?

Please tell the watchmen in your life, Thank You, because they are worthy of your praise. But most of all, tell them that you are watching them. Learning how to be a watchmen to your family and friends.

Ponder this and go forth. (Originally published March 5, 2023)