The Sunday Sermonette August 13, 2023. “Andy, ever take a personality test?” As we rode home from a long, delightful weekend, a dear friend asked me this question. When I said I hadn’t, my friend sent a link to an online test I took once I got home.

I had to answer a series of questions created to examine what made me…me. Once the test was conducted, the results indicated my strengths, weaknesses, talents, and traits. I was pleased with much of the test! However, it revealed some insightful revelations—things I need to work on, things I need to put behind me, and some things I didn’t realize I’d been hiding.

We all have parts of our personalities that we keep tucked away, things we’re afraid to reveal to others for fear of what they may think. Ridicule and rejection are always hurtful, causing us to creep deeper into ourselves, harboring the hurt and wallowing in self-pity. However, each of us has a dear friend who can help.

Father God created us. He knows everything about us, including the parts we keep hidden from the world. And yet, He still loves us anyway. He knows what we say before we say it, where we’re going before we start the journey, and who we will bump into along the way. He knows our hearts and thoughts and still accepts us with arms wide open.

Dear friends, we can take all the personality tests in the world, but none will reveal who we truly are. Only Father God knows. And He, in His grace and mercy, cares the most. We are His children. We are loved. And we should thank Him for loving and accepting all the parts that make us…us. Even those parts we keep hidden from others.

Ponder this and go forth.

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