Sometimes, if I can’t sleep late at night, I fire up the old computer and watch Reels and Short Videos on Facebook.The silverback gorillas and their offspring tumbling around with their happy purrs, hums, and sighs bring a smile to my face. Baby elephants dancing a jig during muddy baths, their little trunks blowing water into the air, are just too cute.

Then, the “Karen” videos pop up. Many of the Karens—male and female—are funny, doing and saying outlandish things, usually for idiotic reasons. “Your dog’s ugly.” “I don’t care if this is a public street; you can’t part there.” “I will call the police if you don’t stop bothering me. ‘Ma’am, your purse is on top of your car…'”

However, the Karens often turn vicious. Yelling. Screaming. Or throwing food and drinks into the faces of McDonald’s employees because there were not enough pickles on their burgers or ice in their drinks. Then there are the folks at Walmart pitching a “walleyed fit,” as my sweet Granny from D’Lo would say, because the checkout line isn’t moving fast enough, and “I have better things to do than stand around with these people.” At this point, the person starts pushing his or her way to the front of the line, which causes those waiting patiently to howl in protest—tempers flare. Fights erupt.

Bad behavior like this is frightening and indicates a complete lack of respect for those in line and the employees at the register. Unhappy, disrespectful, disgruntled people are dangerous people. Those unsatisfied in their hearts are prone to actions that might harm themselves or those around them.

Look at the people you work with, the man on the street corner bumming money, or the lady getting out of her Mercedes. Even a hasty glance will reveal there is a vast ocean of unhappiness and dissatisfaction in this old world. And then, heaven forbid, if the slightest disruption in people’s fragile lives—or even the threat of one—should occur, that disruption can result in reckless and unpredictable reactions.

A lack of satisfaction with a person’s family, a marriage teetering on a razor’s edge, or a hated job causing sleepless nights and hellish days can create vulnerabilities that open a person’s heart to temptation, unhealthy relationships, and the demon of depression. All of which creates a life spiraling downward into a pit of remorse, incrimination, and discontent.

But before that happens, a wise person will stop, look around, dig deep into his or her heart, and consider the level of dissatisfaction within that heart. How satisfied are you with the current state of your life? There is someone who can satisfy your needs, calm your fears, and change your life for the better. He is the Carpenter of Nazareth, Jesus. Talk to Him. He’s waiting to hear from you.

Ponder this and go forth.

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