DISPATCHES FROM HOME – Tea and Sympathy.

As I enter my “golden” years, I often sit in the still quiet of the morning, a hot cup of coffee in my hand, pondering what the future holds and the past reveals.Thoughts of the future usually find me traveling down a bumpy road, ending in a dead-end. It’s best to leave those thoughts at the feet of the Good Master, who knows the future and will protect me as I journey toward it. The past, however, is there for me to peruse, a sepia-toned walk down memory lane.

One of those fond memories is the play “Tea and Sympathy.” It’s hard to believe that I first directed this show 37 years ago in 1983, and then again in 1995 and 2018. Not long ago, a friend asked me why I had directed this show so many times. The obvious answer– I like it! Thank you, Gulfport Little Theater, for letting a rank amateur tackle this classic drama! Thank you to my three amazing casts, who created theater magic with your amazing performances! Thank you to my three backstage crews, whose expertise in set design and dressing, lights, sound, and costumes only augmented the magic on stage!

And thank-you Robert Anderson for your gift to the world! (Originally published April 13 2020)

The 2018 Cast.