Retirement – April 18, 2014.

Attention! It’s official! I’m going back to work at the Department of Human Services. After ten years of retirement, I’ve been so busy that returning to work will be like a vacation. (Just kidding! I’m liking retirement too much. 🙃)

April 18, 2014—retirement! It seems like yesterday, I was walking out the door for the last time. Where, oh, where has the time gone?

Sometimes, I wish I could pour molasses into the hourglass of time, stopping the dripping sands. Wouldn’t that be sublime?

Time marches forward, though, with its relentless, ceaseless drain. Still, I dance in the rain and drink champagne.

I look forward to each sunset, robed in orange and blue, and await each sunrise, crisp with God’s sparkling morning dew. ❤